Five on Friday: Volume 4

Friday, February 26, 2016

Can I just say that the only thing I like about working nights is that I can stay in bed all day and not feel even a little bit guilty about it? Currently snuggled up with Macy, watching the first episode of "Fuller House" (John Stamos, what is your anti-aging secret?) and writing this. Now, if only I didn't have to work all weekend..

1. I briefly mentioned this in my Sunday Lately post (which later disappeared as a result of me forgetting to save it while trying to fix some formatting issues), but what a great weekend we had last weekend. Honestly, by the time Monday rolled around and it was back to real life, we felt as though we were back from vacation and reality was hitting us hard. Luckily, we have fun plans made for next weekend, which I will hopefully be able to discuss before too long!

2. It is forecasted to hit 9 degrees here today and the majority of our snow is melted, which makes me a very happy girl. Honestly, the weather this month has been on par with the weather we experienced last July and I am crossing my fingers that it means we will have a nice spring and a hot summer. If you follow me on Snapchat (username: janineallison) then you know that I have been breaking out my bright lipstick, rubber boots, and lace shirts in anticipation.

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3. Speaking of lipstick, my current favourite costs a whopping $1.50 from Walmart. I'm wearing it in the Instagram photo above and I will hopefully have a review up within the next few days!

4. I've recently become obsessed with smoothie bowls and I have a feeling that I will probably be living on them next week while Jordan is working. Mine definitely aren't pretty enough to photograph (..yet) but I'm working on it!

5. While watching the Brit Awards the other night, I developed a full-on obsession with James Bay. First of all, I happen to think that he is quite attractive but even if he wasn't, that voice (side note: I googled to see how old he is and it's officially okay for me to crush on him). I listened to his entire album on Spotify yesterday and it is just so. good. I think "Need The Sun to Break" is my favourite but "Scars", "Running" and "Incomplete" are awesome as well.

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