Five on Friday: Volume 5

Friday, May 13, 2016

You would think that being off work all week would have provided ample opportunity to plan and write numerous blog posts but that was not the case. I spent most of my weekend and the beginning of my week off too sick to even think about blogging, much less actually write something. On the bright side, despite still coughing and sniffling 24/7, I am now vertical and seemingly on the mend. Here's to a productive weekend (fingers crossed!).

1. First of all, it's Nurse's Week here in Canada, so go hug a nurse. Or at the very least, thank one. I don't talk much about my job on this blog because frankly, this isn't the place for it (and also HIPPA regulations terrify me) but I can summarize it with this lovely e-card.

Also, if you want to know what happens in the mind of a nurse? Here you go! And Ryan Reynolds gets it.

2. Thanks to my awesome grandmother (with some help from my mother!), my house is now the cleanest it has been since we moved in. I had planned to do some thorough spring cleaning at the beginning of the week but honestly didn't have the energy to do it. They visited and helped clean my house from top to bottom and it basically feels like a brand new house again.

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3. While cleaning the house I managed to collect five bags of items to donate to the SPCA thrift store. It's crazy how much junk accumulates in your house in such a short period of time! I ended up browsing around the store while I was there and left with the cutest ginger jar (for $2!) and two pairs of American Eagle jeggings for $10 each. I normally hate thrift stores - the smell, the general ick factor of used clothing - but all proceeds from this one go to the SPCA and the jeans were in excellent condition so I justified it to myself.

4. If you use the internet at all, you've probably heard that Becca and Jaclyn Hill are teaming up again, this time to create the Champagne Glow Palette which features three blushes and two highlighters. I. just. died. Actually, I will die if I don't get my hands on that palette when it is released. Be still in my heart.

5. I heard about Tinge Pastel through Eleventh Gorgeous and I fell in love! It's a color-depositing conditioner that dyes your hair pastel and lasts 3-5 washes. I feel like funky hair colors are all the rage this year but I could never commit to a permanent color so this is the perfect solution to me. I'm looking forward to testing it out this summer! I ordered the pink, purple and silver dyes so be on the look out for a review of those when they arrive!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I think I'm heading out with a few co-workers tonight for some Nursing Week celebrations and hopefully Jordan and I will go on a little adventure one day this weekend if the weather cooperates.


  1. Love Stephanie and Tracy! Been watching them for years! I wish my hair was light so I could justify the conditioner colouring!

    1. Yeah, that is a definite perk of having blonde hair! :)


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