Five on Friday: Volume 6

Friday, May 27, 2016

It's nearly Saturday but I am really trying to get this post up before the clock strikes twelve! I apologize as it isn't the greatest Five on Friday but after getting only three hours of sleep in the past ~33 hours, my brain is basically mush.

1. I love Amy Schumer's attitude about her body. After receiving negative comments while on vacation, she took to Instagram to say that she feels strong, healthy and most importantly, happy. I am so sick of people body shaming others, especially this time of year during swimsuit season. Does that mean I am totally happy with my own body? No, not at all. But that doesn't give me or anyone else any right to judge.
(Photo Credit: Yoga By Candace)

2. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how worried I was that I would miss out on the chance to snag the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Palette yesterday. I was working night shift and set my alarm for 1:30PM so that I could order it before it sold out online. It's due to arrive next week and I'm dying to see it in person! It's currently sold out on Sephora online but will be in store and restocked online on June 16th. Once it's gone then, it's gone for good so be sure to grab one quickly!

3. I discovered Ricky McWells on Facebook after this post about mowing the lawn went viral and I've  since become obsessed with him (in a totally non-creepy way). I honestly think he is just the cutest and his snaps never fail to make me laugh! His Snapchat is "heyricky91" if you want to follow him.

4. Unless you live under a rock (or outside of the blog world), you know that Nordstrom is currently having their half-yearly sale. I am on a self-imposed shopping ban at the moment but I am so tempted to order these Sam Edelman sandals. If you'd like to see my favourite items featured in the sale just leave a comment below and I will do a separate post.

5. I have a feeling that this will be featured in my Monthly Favourites post as well but the Summer Dollar Drink Days have returned at McDonalds and I have been living on their $1 frozen lemonades. They are surprisingly tart and perfect for cooling down on a hot day (not that we've really experienced any of those yet). I'm also eager to try the Vanilla Chai Tea Frappe and their Caramel Iced Coffee. Unfortunately, I have to exercise extreme willpower not to order fries to accompany my drink each time I go there.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! The weather here is supposed to be cool and rainy so our plans to go camping or hiking this weekend went out the window, sadly.

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