Review: The Fifth Ticket in St. John's, Newfoundland

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

While we were on holidays, Jordan and I ate at The Fifth Ticket in St. John's not once, but twice! We were downtown on a Saturday, wandering around and looking for a place to have lunch, when we stumbled upon this place. We were absolutely starving at this point so we headed in, however, did not realize until afterwards that they serve brunch on weekends from 11am-3pm. Since we were looking for lunch, not breakfast foods, we were initially a bit disappointed, though the menu did contain a couple of lunch-food items such as mac and cheese, fish, and soup.

After scanning the menu, we both decided on the same meal (which just so happened to be breakfast after all) which was vanilla waffles and sausage with hash browns and fruit. I basically devoured my entire plate of food! The waffles were light, the sausage was tasty, and the hash browns were to die for. Jordan was feeling quite under the weather that day as he was only a couple days post-op and didn't eat much but I think he would have thoroughly enjoyed his meal under normal circumstances.

While we were there for brunch, they were holding a Snapchat contest whereby if you snapped them, you would be entered to win a $50 gift card. It was an easy contest to enter and I found out a few days later that I was actually one of the lucky winners!

The next time we were in St. John's, we headed downtown to pick up the gift card. It was around 7pm on a Friday evening and we didn't have a reservation so we weren't expecting to eat there that night. However, we were told that they could seat us at the bar if we wanted to stay so we decided it was just as well considering we were already there!

The restaurant itself features a main dining room (which is where we ate both times), a piano bar, and a chef's table. We could have eaten at the bar in the piano bar side of the restaurant while we were there for supper but I found it a bit chilly over there that night. It would have certainly been neat to witness the performance though, as it is St. John's only piano bar.

Despite sitting at the bar, we had no complaints with the service that we received. We both started with a drink - a cocktail for me and a beer for Jordan. We decided to order appetizers - "yesterday's soup" which was asparagus and green pea with parmesan cheese. While waiting for our soup, they brought out a bread board with an oil and vinaigrette blend for dipping. The bread was warm, soft and to die for! I was stuffed before my soup even arrived because I wasn't leaving one crumb of that bread behind. The soup was nice, a light and fresh soup, but I personally felt that it was missing a little something. It could simply be because I tend to prefer savoury and salty foods, but I think some pepper and an extra dose of cheese would have made it even better! Jordan really enjoyed it and even made a comment about recreating it at home.

For my main, I actually ordered off the appetizer menu, which is quite common for me! I decided to order two smoked cod tacos made with locally caught cod fish and a side of bistro fries, which are hand-cut fries tossed in truffle oil, parmesan cheese and seasoning. Jordan ordered "The Burger" served with greens and bistro fries. The tacos were tasty but once again, I kind of felt that something was missing. I brought one home with me as I was too stuffed to eat both and filled it with more cheese, which seemed to help. The smoked cod was delicious and definitely smokey. Jordan enjoyed his burger (he said "It's good" when I asked for a review) but the real star of the show was the bistro fries. Oh. My. God. We would go back for those fries alone! Perfectly crispy and flavourful.. they are worth the trip!

We both desperately wanted to try the dessert but we were so uncomfortably full that we just couldn't fit it in! Overall, we both enjoyed our experiences at this restaurant. I would definitely go back again, especially for brunch. The ambience is really neat in there with lots of funky lighting, exposed brick walls, and chalkboards, not to mention the piano bar! And we received excellent service both times we ate there, even at the extremely busy bar. The servers were polite and friendly and definitely committed to ensuring that we enjoyed our meals.

Brunch for two cost approximately $35 and our dinner meal with drinks and appetizers cost approximately $85. Have you ever eaten there? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Just as a side note, I am not claiming to be a professional restaurant reviewer. I just like food, period. 


  1. I ate here when it was still called The Social House and had the Polenta Fries and Blue Cheese Chicken w/root veg and chorizo, which I have no idea if they are still on the menu or not, but I absolutely LOVED. I wasn't a big fan of their cocktails at that time, though that could very well have changed as well. The atmosphere, however, is absolutely fabulous. I love chique lighting and the two different rooms depending on your desired level of socialization. Super glad to hear you enjoyed this restaurant! I've been itching to go back since the revamp as The Fifth Ticket and this review has just made that itch grow! So many great places to eat in downtown St. John's these days.

    1. I remember hearing great things about The Social House! I didn't notice those particular food items on the menu but the bistro fries are definitely worth checking out at the very least. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you go there! We've only recently begun venturing into the downtown restaurant scene but there are definitely some gems down there. Can't wait to discover more new (to us) favourites!


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