Monthly Favourites: July 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Song: I always love listening to country music in the summertime as this month has been no exception. I really had difficulty choosing three (as usual) but these made the cut. Something about country music just reminds me of driving with the windows down, camping & bonfires, and long lazy days.

Read: Shocker, I haven't been reading much. This is one item on my summer bucket list that I am nowhere near completing! I am hoping to get some reading done while on vacation so that I can actually answer this question next month. I loved this post by Adaleta on why you should stop blogging for free. Both the post and the comments made for a very interesting read!

TV Show or Movie: We became obsessed with How To Get Away With Murder and are now completely up to date. After we finished that, we started watching Orange is the New Black, however, neither of us are really in love with it. We have one episode left to season two and then we are going to watch something else for a change. I've missed having a TV show to binge watch in the past few weeks since we finished HTGAWM.

Beauty Product: I've been loving this scrub cleanser from Origins, the lip products from this post, and the Nivea After Shave balm as a primer. I also found a new favourite drugstore foundation, which is the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation, however, I think the lightest shade will be too dark for me once summer is over.

Food: This isn't a new favourite but Rainbow Twist Twizzlers. Literally as soon as we finish one pack, I start craving them again and we have to buy another pack. But hey, I could have worse addictions!

Aside from the Burts Bees lipsticks that I've been raving about, my favourite purchase was definitely our upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic! I also picked up two books from the SPCA thrift store for a grand total of 50 cents (even if I don't like the books, I love a steal when it comes to buying them) and the cutest maxi dress from Walmart (of all places!) for $10.

What are you loving this month? Leave a comment below!

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