Sunday Lately: August 29 - September 4

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe - KatyAngelicaMeghan and Nicole. Each week they present five new prompts to describe what is happening in your life that week. This weeks prompts are Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting and Craving.

Creating: I was productive this week and took photos for two upcoming posts, however, I still have to do swatches and write the actual posts. My August Favourites post should be up tomorrow as well, and I have another collaboration with Make Up For Ever which will hopefully be live within the next week or two.

Finding: That my obsession with nude lipstick is out of control. Actually, just lipstick in general. I counted 21 that I've acquired in the past month alone! Granted, most of them were birthdays gifts but still. I desperately need to do a makeup purge!

Switching: I've been switching out my shorts and tank tops for plaid shirts and boots, thanks to the cool weather that we've been having lately. It is supposed to warm up again tomorrow so I guess it will be back to summer clothes for a few more days but I suspect it will soon be tucked away for good. I also need to switch my wallet over to my new Kate Spade one that I received for my birthday as I haven't done that yet!

Forgetting: I'm already forgetting (and missing) warm summer days. Last night we had a fire and it was so cold that we could see our breath in the air outside and there is a frost warning for tonight! For any of you cold-weather lovers, you need to move here ASAP.

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Craving: This weekend we had both a deep fried turkey as well as a roasted turkey with vegetables which are two things that I have been craving lately. Tonight we are making homemade sushi because it has been a while since we had it last! 


  1. Ooooh, homemade sushi is the best! What kind did you make?

    1. We made California rolls, as well as salmon and shrimp rolls. Nothing fancy but those are our favourites!


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