Sunday Lately: October 10 - 16

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe - KatyAngelicaMeghan and Nicole. Each week they present five new prompts to describe what is happening in your life that week. This weeks prompts are Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing and Being.

Updating: This blog, finally! I'm not sure why I've been in such a slump lately but it seems like I've had no free time between work, weddings, birthdays and appointments, and I just couldn't find any motivation to blog in the bit of free time that I did have. I really do enjoy blogging, particularly writing and interacting with fellow bloggers, but it is hard to manage when you work full-time. Taking and editing photos then writing a post can take an entire afternoon of one day, for just one blog post. Anyway, I am hoping to get my stride back this week! I've tested a few products that are ready for review, I'm in the midst of testing some new skincare products, and I'm waiting on some PR products to arrive for review.

Remembering: How important it is to spend time with good friends. After traveling two hours to attend our friends' wedding, I realized how much I've missed spending quality time with them. I've also been spending some much-needed time with girl friends recently and it has been great. It seems that everyone is so busy these days, it's such a struggle to find time to hang out with friends but it is so necessary.

Needing: I think I've mentioned this before but I need to make a few decorative changes to our house. We just picked up a new mirror for our ensuite yesterday and I already like the room so much more now. I also want some new lamp shades, pillows, and a throw for the living room. On a side note, I also need to learn how to apply false lashes without gluing my eyes together. Any suggestions?

Wearing: At the moment, PJs! However, I have been mostly wearing a uniform consisting of jeans, a sweater, riding boots and my favourite fall jacket. I am really missing Target at the moment because they make my favourite sweaters and v-necks. To help mend my broken heart, I placed a Dynamite order last night, oops!

Being: Sleepy. I honestly don't even understand considering I slept for about 11 hours last night but I've been struggling to keep my eyes open all day. I'm looking forward to getting in bed shortly but unfortunately I have to wake up early for work tomorrow and I am already predicting how much that will suck.

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