Sunday Lately: November 7-13

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe - KatyAngelicaMeghan and Nicole. Each week they present five new prompts to describe what is happening in your life that week. This weeks prompts are Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting and Craving.

Creating: I finally took photos for my two PR posts that will hopefully be up this week (at least one of them!). Because there are multiple products to review in each post, the task is so much more time consuming than a regular post. In not-so-good news, I still haven't completed a DIY product as per my fall bucket list, oops.

Finding: Lots of Christmas gift ideas.. for myself. Every year I say "I don't even know what to ask for, I have everything that I need, I'd just like a vacation.." and every year, I start browsing the internet and found approximately 4 billion things that I want (but still don't need). 

Switching: I will be putting away the last of my fall and Halloween decor today and preparing to put out my Christmas decorations next week. In fact, we may actually put our tree up at the end of next week. I'm off work for a week on holidays so I plan to deep clean the house and then start preparing for the Christmas. Jordan is normally ready for Christmas at this point whereas I tend to want to wait until later but this year we've found ourselves in the opposite situation. I think it's because I'm taking Christmas off for the first time in five years and I want to take full advantage of that.

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Forgetting: How good it feels to have a three-day weekend off with Jordan. I always get three-day weekends (perks of shift work) but Jordan also had Friday off due to the Remembrance Day holiday. We spent Friday being insanely lazy but yesterday we took the dog for a 5km walk and to the dog park, then ran some errands. Today will be spent catching up on chores and visiting family! To make things even better, I'm not back to work until tomorrow night! And then I only have three shifts separating me from my much-needed holidays, thank god.

Craving: I am craving a new tattoo the way that I normally crave Big Mary burgers. It's been two years since my last and while I have many, many ideas for tattoos that I would like to have, a lot of them are big endeavours that I'm not quite ready to take on yet. I just want something small to satisfy the itch but I'm struggling to decide what and where.


  1. I went for a small tattoo and ended up with a bigger one that I'm absolutely in love with. Maybe it's time...

    1. Maybe! I already have three small ones, but I want a bigger one on my thigh.

  2. I just got a small roman numeral 1 on my ankle a few months ago with my brother. It was on a whim but we had always wanted a sibling tattoo.

    Isn't it nice having time off with your SO?! My hubby works at a hospital so his hours are horrible. We are actually taking a 4-day trip to Tennessee this Thursday that I am so looking forward to!

  3. I still have a little interim fall stuff that I'm leaving up until Thanksgiving, then it's time for Christmas decor!


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