The Friday Five | August 25, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

1. I'm rolling in with a late post today because of work. However, I really wanted to get it done because you need to run over to Old Navy and pick up this adorable t-shirt while it's still available for $9.50! As in, less than ten dollars. I've had Starbucks orders more expensive than this t-shirt. I've been loving graphic tees lately and I mean, this basically summarizes me in four lines, plus it's super soft and perfect for lounging in on the weekends.

2. In other news, Taylor Swift officially released her latest single today! I mean, with all the hype that she garnered this week, this is old news by now but it deserves a mention regardless. I've been a fan of Taylor Swift since the beginning (as in, when I used her "Tim McGraw" lyrics in my MSN messenger status!) and although I am sick of her always playing the victim, I kind of like the new single. I mean, as a rule I am generally underwhelmed and let down by her first single off every album and this one has a weak chorus but I love the beat and the dark vibe. I have high hopes for this album!

3. My birthday week is next week! Sadly that means less as I get older (plus I have to work on my birthday which should never be allowed) but on the bright side, there will be cake and presents so it isn't all bad. It blows my mind that I will be 28 when I feel like it was only yesterday that I turned 8 years old.

4. As much as I love fall, I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. However, one of the best parts of fall is the return of all your favourite TV shows and after watching the trailer for season 2 of This Is Us, I'm slightly more excited for fall to arrive. Also looking forward to the return of Scandal, Riverdale and The Voice!

5. I may try on my first wedding dress tomorrow, eek! I'm still debating because I'm half afraid that it will be "the one" and I won't even have my mom there for it but the store that carries my dream dress has a sample sale that ends tomorrow and I feel like I just need to try it on. If it isn't the dress for me then I will wait until later before I really dig deep into the shopping but I'm afraid the store will stop carrying this dress before I get to try it on. At the same time, it still feels way too early in my mind to be shopping for a wedding dress. Ah, decisions!

Sephora Birthday Gift 2017- Tarte Edition

Thursday, August 24, 2017

If you aren't already a Sephora Beauty Insider (it's free!) and you haven't already had your birthday this year, run to the nearest store and sign up so you can get yourself a free birthday gift from Sephora! You can redeem your birthday gift in-store or online anytime during your birthday month. You do not need to make a purchase to redeem in-store, however, you do need to purchase an item to redeem your birthday gift online.

Each year Sephora provides multiple options for the birthday gifts. This year they actually have three offers - a Tarte makeup set, a Caudalie skincare set, and a Jack Black skincare set. I love that there is a variety of gifts but naturally I chose the makeup kit from Tarte.

The Tarte set includes a mini size of their Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in "Paaarty" as well as a mini Tarteist Lip Paint liquid lipstick in "Birthday Suit". Both shades are exclusive to this set which is a bit of a bummer because I'd like to repurchase both in a full size. I love that both shades are a neutral brownish-pink that is suitable for a variety of skintones. 

Despite hearing many raves about the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush, this is actually my first time trying it and I am definitely a convert. It is super soft and pigmented and wears beautifully throughout the day. Honestly, it lives up to its claim as a 12-hour blush!

I did try the Tarteist liquid lipstick in the past and enjoyed it so it wasn't a surprise that I was a fan of this one. It has a moussey consistency but dries down to a comfortable (not drying!) matte. I think I got between 6-8 hours of wear from this one and it faded very naturally.

Overall, I am definitely impressed with this birthday gift and I'm planning to repurchase both items in full size (in different colors) in the future.

Have you picked up a birthday gift from Sephora this year?

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in "Sugarcane"

Thursday, August 17, 2017

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When it comes to quality lipstick, Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche line is top notch. They are incredibly pigmented, creamy and comfortable to wear, plus they are a Canadian brand and you all know how much I love that! My friend Olivia was wearing a gorgeous pink lip color one day and when I asked her what she was wearing, she told me it was the Amuse Bouche lipstick in "Sugarcane". Needless to say, I promptly added it to my ever-growing Sephora wishlist.

I decided to finally bite the bullet and purchase it a few weeks ago. I have to admit, I wasn't 100% sold on the color when I first applied it. It is described as a "pale pink" and I was worried that the color washed me out, what with my pale skin and light hair. I considered returning it but decided to give it another chance and I am so glad I did as I have been wearing it nearly every day since.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Sugarcane

It is the perfect pinkish-nude (my favourite) shade for every day, including work. I am hesitant to wear a lot of lipstick shades to work as I never know when I may get to reapply (ah, life of a nurse) and I am paranoid that it will fade horribly. Thankfully, this color fades naturally! As with any cream lipstick, it has to be reapplied after a few hours and after eating but that is to be expected.

In the photo it does appear to be clinging to some dry patches on the left side, however, that is totally my fault for not exfoliating prior to applying and it doesn't seem quite so obvious in person.

You can purchase Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks at Sephora online or in store for $30 CAD.

The Friday Five

Friday, August 11, 2017

I figured this would be a good week to introduce "The Friday Five" which is basically just five random things that I talk about.. on a Friday. Despite having a few posts drafted, I have no photos to accompany them because 12 hour shifts make photography impossible, so I figured this would be a good way to sneak a post in before the week ended!

>> We went to see Mamma Mia with Jordan's niece last week and I highly recommend you check it out if you can! I'll be honest, I've never been a fan of musicals so I was basically just tagging along for something to do. However, I ended up being totally captivated and now I kind of want to see more shows. It also made me really envious of those who can sing & dance so beautifully.

>> Speaking of dance, I just signed up for burlesque classes and I am super excited about it. I mean, I will probably be terrible but at least it will be good fun! I just need to find a pair of heels that I can actually dance in now.

>> I got my hair dyed a gorgeous smokey grey color earlier this week and while I think my hairstylist did a great job, I have to go back this weekend and get it lightened again. It looked really light in the salon but outside of there, it is just way too dark for me. Luckily they were able to squeeze me in for an appointment on Saturday as I really want it fixed before Brittany's bachelorette party on Saturday night! My hair will probably need some serious TLC after this if anyone has any recommendations for hair masks or products.

>> The Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette finally has a relaunch date - August 22nd! I have been super on the fence with this palette. It is absolutely stunning and I want it but I have trouble justifying the ridiculous cost of shipping for us Canadians (plus customs at the door!). I decide that I will get it, then I get angry at the cost, then it sells out.. and repeat. Maybe I could splurge as a birthday gift to myself? Or maybe I will just hold out for the new Huda Beauty palette..

>> Does anyone else think that it's absolutely ridiculous that Halloween items are popping up in stores already? I mean, it's still the beginning of August and Halloween is the end of October. Who really needs to buy Halloween cookies right now? STOP. I love fall as much as the next person but I just want to enjoy my summer without seeing ghosts and pumpkins everywhere.

I'm headed to the city this weekend for Brittany's bachelorette plus some end-of-exams celebrations with Jordan so it'll likely be next week before I get another post up. Have a great weekend guys!

New Releases at Maison Jacynthe

Monday, August 7, 2017

Through blogging I've discovered some fantastic new-to-me brands, one of those being Maison Jacynthe. You may recall me talking about them in the past (yes, their blush is still one of my favourites!) and raving about the fact that they are a natural, cruelty-free Canadian brand. They recently reached out to me about trying some of their new launches including liquid foundation, nail polish, highlighters and perfume. Given how much I loved their blush, I decided to try the pressed powder, highlighter and perfume.

Maison Jacynthe

The pressed powder has the same smooth, fine texture and pleasant scent as the blush. I chose the shade "01 - Beige" and while it would be too dark for those of you who are very fair, it works on my fair-but-slightly-tanned summer skin. I haven't used this alone but I've worn it over my liquid foundation and it creates a blurred, smooth texture while feeling extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Likewise, the pressed highlighter has the same texture and scent that I have come to love with their products. I picked the shade "02 - Lune Rose" which is described as "shimmery with a golden pink finish". You guys know I die for anything rose gold so this was an obvious choice! It definitely doesn't have a lot of pink in it but is a solid champagne gold color with a gorgeous shimmery finish. It doesn't have any big chunks of glitter and is perfect for an every day pop!

Maison Jacynthe Powder Illuminateur

I really wanted to try their perfume "AiMe" which has notes of sweet orange, star anise, and toasted almond but unfortunately they only make the large size of that perfume and it sells out almost immediately. Instead, they sent me their Vingt-Deux Roll On perfume, which is described as an "oriental and floral" scent with bergmaont, cardamon, pink bay and rum as the top notes. The perfume is a very generous sample size but unfortunately I'm not overly fond of the scent. It is a very soft scent that reminds me of baby powder, though Jordan thinks it smells "spicy" (how we get two totally different scents, I'm not sure). It isn't a bad scent but it's not to my personal preference as I tend to prefer fruity perfumes.

Overall, I still highly recommend checking out Maison Jacynthe if you haven't already. They have so many great products and virtues, plus you get to support a Canadian beauty brand - win, win!

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

Thursday, August 3, 2017

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The Mega Multiplier Mascara from Revlon is one of the newest mascaras to hit the drugstore aisle. Some of my favourite mascaras are from the drugstore so I was excited to give this one a try.

This mascara contains fibres that adhere to your lashes and produce "mega volume and extreme length". I am not always a fan of fibre mascaras as some have the tendency to flake off during the day and leave a mess under the eyes, however this one lasts all day. I was also impressed with the color, which I received in "blackened brown". I am always a "blackest black" kind of girl but despite being brown, I find this one looks black on my lashes. The brush is a tapered style and is actually really effective for coating the bottom lashes without smudging the product - in fact, this is my go-to lower lash mascara right now!

Now that I've discussed the good, I have to discuss the bad as well. While I do get length from this mascara, I don't find it very volumizing at all. I have to do multiple coats and even then, it still doesn't give me the dramatic false-lashes look that I like. Luckily it is very easy to layer and doesn't get clumpy or spidery.

Revlon Mega Multiplier mascara
Left: Natural, no mascara | Right: Revlon Mega Multiplier mascara

If you are looking for a natural, everyday mascara, I would recommend checking this one out. The Revlon Mega Multiplier mascara is available here ($2 off!) or at your local drugstore.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for review purposes.

I'm Back!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wow, so I really fell off the blogging bandwagon once I got engaged. Oops! In any event, I'm back and (hopefully) better than ever.. or at least that's the plan. I am hoping to dive back into the beauty world with lots of wedding posts thrown into the mix. In any event, here's what has happened since I disappeared from the blogosphere..

>> We chose a wedding date! It honestly took us like 2 months to even think about choosing a date but we finally decided on August 3rd, 2019. We would have liked to get married in 2018 but given that we are going on a cruise vacation this fall, we knew we wouldn't be able to save enough money to get married next year.

>> We also booked our wedding photographer, decorator and venue and we've chosen a videographer, though we haven't booked the latter yet. We are trying to get all of the big ticket items booked now so we can have first pick and get the vendors that we really want.

>> Our cruise is officially booked and paid for, plus we have our tickets, hotel and rental car booked for Orlando. Less than 90 days to go! We are planning to spend Monday-Friday in Orlando, then drive down to Miami for the cruise. If anyone has any recommendations of things to do or places to eat in either location, send them my way! We are most definitely going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal this time but aside from that, we have no plans.

>> I joined a fitness and lifestyle program created by a local #girlboss - Stay Inspired. Nicole is awesome and I have finally gotten into a habit of working out 3-4 times a week. While the scale hasn't really budged, I blame that on the fact that I haven't committed to changing my eating habits. However, I have lost a few inches and I am seeing changes in my body which is great. The program is accessible worldwide and super affordable so I highly recommend you check it out!

In all honesty, I think that's all! I've been working non-stop, daydreaming about my upcoming holidays, and trying to find a balance between working, exercising, and having fun. Stay tuned for lots of upcoming posts and if there is anything in particular that you'd like to read, let me know!

Surprise.. it's a Wedding Wednesday post!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Apologies for being MIA over the past couple of weeks! I had all intentions of writing some posts this weekend but then this happened and ruined all my plans in the best way possible..

Recent Clothing Haul

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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I figured I'd change things up around here today and do a fashion haul for something a little different! As much as I love makeup, I love clothing an equal amount. Usually I don't buy a lot of clothing but since Christmas I've made a few purchases and I thought I'd share them with you guys today.

1. This white tee from SheIn is no longer available in white but you can still get it in grey and black. I am actually planning to do an entire post on my mini SheIn haul with more information on the website and ordering tips so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

2. This Criss-Cross Top is also from SheIn so again, keep an eye out for the review in the near future. I love this one and wear it quite often!

3. I am trying to be more active and with that comes buying new workout clothes. I loved my other pair of Old Navy compression leggings so much that I grabbed them in this gorgeous purple color as well.

4. I also picked up a basic pair of black compression pants from Old Navy. While I love the fun colors, it's nice to have some neutrals as well to mix and match.

5. This "Weekend Vibes" tee from Old Navy is the most comfortable shirt ever, not to mention that it will look awesome in an Instagram post. Seriously though, it's a bit long so it's perfect for wearing with leggings and it is so comfortable. I sized down to an XS based on the reviews but it is a bit tight in the arms, just FYI!

6. I actually picked up these Adidas sneakers to wear to work but I didn't realize until now that they are actually girl's sneakers and not women's! Having size 5 feet means that I can wear kids sneakers and bonus - they are usually cheaper! These aren't the most comfortable sneakers that I've ever worn but they have a high arch that fits my foot perfectly.

7. This choker is yet another SheIn purchase and the last one from my mini haul. I wasn't sure about the choker trend initially but now I am totally on board!

8. How cute is this racerback tank from Old Navy? I am obsessed with the colors and the detail on the back. It's super affordable too!

9. The Twist-Back Tank is no longer available in the grey "Gym Hair, Don't Care" version so I'm glad I snagged it when I had the chance! This pairs perfectly with the purple pants and has the cutest twist back strap.

10. I had been eyeing this Waterfall Sweater Cardigan at Pseudio for a long time but I couldn't justify spending $80 on a cardigan. Thankfully I found it in the clearance section for a mere $22 and I am so glad I did. It is very long and made of a warm material which makes me feel like I'm wearing a blanket in public. What more could you ask for?

11. Dynamite has been killing it with the spring collection and I fell in love with this Floral Cold Shoulder as soon as I saw it on the rack. Thankfully when I tried it on it just so happened to be super flattering as well as gorgeous! I also really wanted to buy this one but sadly it was only there in XS which was too tight across the chest. I am trying to be good and not order it online but I make no promises!

I also picked up these adorable flats from the kids section at Old Navy. I swear they are cuter in person, I think they just used a really small size for the photo. I really wanted the black pair but they were sold out in my size. I also grabbed a pair of nude flats that were 90% off which made them $3 but because I had exchanged the previous pair for a new size and the price had decreased, I actually got both pairs of shoes and they owed me $3.70! Speaking of money back, if you haven't yet signed up for Ebates yet, I don't know what you're waiting for! I use Ebates whenever I shop online and get cash back on all my purchases from Sephora, Old Navy, Amazon and more! I got a cheque in the mail from Ebates just a few weeks ago so they are totally legit.

Let me know if you guys want to continue seeing fashion hauls! By the way, I've also recently added a Shop section to my blog which features my current favourite items as well as some things on my wishlist! I plan to update it weekly so be sure to keep checking back!

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Saturday, March 11, 2017

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To be honest, I hadn't followed the hype of the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit until I was allowed early access as a VIB Rouge customer at Sephora but after that, I couldn't get this product off my mind! I debated whether I really needed another highlighting palette (no, the answer is no!) but it was so pretty that I just couldn't resist. I ordered it and planned to have a review up last weekend but for some unknown reason, my normal 2-day shipping took over a week!


How pretty is this? I am obsessed with all things pink and rose gold right now so naturally I was drawn to this palette for that reason, despite the fact that the warm-toned colors aren't necessarily suited to my pale skin tone. The packaging has a super fine micro sparkle which looks so pretty in person and the palette is quite sturdy to hold. The downside of this packaging is that the palette doesn't include a mirror and it is certainly big enough and feels bare without one.

I haven't tried any of the other Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits so I cannot compare the formula of the product to those. They are quite soft to touch but the glitter prevents them from being totally buttery. I've seen some people complain about the amount of glitter in these so keep that in mind if you are someone who prefers a sheen as opposed to an actual glitter bomb glow. That being said, the glitter is very fine and not at all chunky so it doesn't bother me. The shades are incredibly pigmented but blend out nicely, however, as I suspected, not all of these colors are going to work on my pale skin.

Kitty Kat - pinkish rose gold 
Forever Young - rose gold
Daydream - creamsicle orange
Forever Lit - holographic silvery-white with blue undertones
Glo Getter - orangey gold
143 - copper gold

My three favourite are Kitty Kat, Forever Young and Forever Lit. Daydream is an absolute write off for me as it will never work as a highlight on my skintone. Glo Getter and 143 are quite similar in color and may be useable in the summertime with a tan. Is this palette really worth it for me considering that I can only use half of the shades on a regular basis? No, not really.. but I will keep it regardless as the shades that I can use are gorgeous. Also, I have incredibly pale skin so while this isn't the best for my skin tone, I think it would be great for anyone who is a medium skin tone or above.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit is available at Sephora online and in-store for $59 CAD.

Monthly Favourites: February 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Love Yourself" by Dashboard Confessional | My 8th grade self is overjoyed by new Dashboard Confessional music and it just so happens that my favourite song is a cover of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself". I'm not a fan of the original but I've been listening to this cover on repeat!

"Stay in the Dark" by The Band Perry | Apparently The Band Perry are taking a pop route with their new album and while I was initially skeptical, I am a big fan of this song. Perfect for singing along with in the car!

Old Navy Mid-Rise Printed Compression Crops | I picked up a pair of these compression crops at Old Navy a couple weeks ago and I've since placed an order for more.  I love the style, plus they are super comfortable and affordable!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss | I dedicated an entire post to my love of the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Orchid and I don't see the obsession ending anytime soon.  Jordan actually gave me another one in "Purple Rain", so keep an eye out for that review!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette | I wrote a thorough review on this palette yesterday but I couldn't leave it off the list considering it has been the palette I've been reaching for most often this month!

Acure Aromatherapeutic Rose Argan Oil | I received this in a box from M² Brand Management and it has been saving my dry winter skin! My skin is normally combination-oily but this time of year it turns dry and flaky.  I've been using this oil at night and I haven't experienced any dryness since!

Riverdale | If you follow me on Twitter then you've probably already realized my obsession with Riverdale.  It feels like forever since I've been obsessed with a TV show and this one is filling the void! We binge-watched all the episodes on Netflix last weekend and now I am waiting (im)patiently for each new episode.

And last but not least..

My new layout! If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to hop on over and check it out! I am so in love. I purchased it from Syncboost on Easy and it cost me less than $10 to buy plus they installed it for free! I mean, does it get any better than that? I have to update my pages in the near future as well but overall, I am so, so pleased and I highly recommend their services! Also, credit to the gorgeous watercolour art used in the header goes to Fox and Hazel!

What have you been loving this month? Leave me a comment below!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow and Lip Oil Review

Monday, February 27, 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach review

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection was one of the most highly coveted beauty releases of 2016.  I missed out on the initial release of the eyeshadow palette at Sephora but managed to snag it (with a sweet discount!) from the Too Faced website just after Christmas.  During my last trip to Sephora, I planned to pick up one of their Sweet Peach lip oils but unfortunately the store was out of stock of the colors I was interested in. However, they did have a mini version available as a 100 point perk so I grabbed one to try! Now that I've had adequate time to test these products, I've decided to share my thoughts with you guys!

Too Faced Sweet Peach review

Upon opening the adorable orange and pink eyeshadow palette, my first impression was "Wow, this smells delicious!".  Too Faced is known for making products that smell good enough to eat and this one is no exception.  It smells exactly like fuzzy peach candy!  I also appreciate that the palette case is durable, with a metallic snap to open and close, and features a mirror on the inside.

The palette has 18 shades, most of which are in the peach and bronze category, but also contains some plum (despite "Delectable" looking like a bright purple in the photo above) and green shades.  There is a good combination of shimmery and matte shades that will allow you to create a variety of looks.

Too Faced Sweet Peach review

The shades are soft to touch and have good pigmentation, with the exception of a couple lighter shades (Georgia and White Peach).  They are a bit chalky and I do experience some fall out on application, but I find that is common with soft shadows.  The shimmery shades are the real winners in this palette as they are extremely pigmented and look gorgeous on the lid.  Too Faced claims that the shadows are infused with "anti-oxidant rich" peach essence and while I cannot speak to that claim, they sure do smell great!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Swatches

Too Faced Sweet Peach Swatches

Too Faced Sweet Peach Swatches

Of all the shades, I use Peaches 'N Cream, Luscious, Puree, Summer Yum and Charmed, I'm Sure the most for every day wear.  There are so many great shade options to mix and match in here, though, that you could easily use this palette to create day or night looks and I can definitely see myself taking this palette on my travels.

As with the palette,  I had heard a lot of bloggers raving about the Sweet Peach lip oils.  I was looking to try Peach Please or Peach Tease but they were out of stock at my store.  The mini lip oil that they had available was in the shade Pure Peach, which is described as a "peachy pink".  The lip oil has the same sweet peach scent as the eyeshadows, but I find it a bit sickly on my lips.  I love how moisturizing and comfortable the lip oil feels, however, I was quite disappointed in the color.  I am not sure if it is a bad batch or just this particular color, but I found it quite streaky and uneven and the color definitely clung to any dry patches.  So despite the fact that it feels lovely on my dry lips, it doesn't look lovely!  I am tempted to buy a full sized lip oil to see if I get similar results because aside from that, I really do enjoy it.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil Pure Peach
Too Faced Sweet Peach lip oil in "Pure Peach"

You can pick up the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection on their website or at Sephora (online or in store). The collection contains the eyeshadow palette and lip gloss, as well as a highlighting palette and blush, with prices ranging from $24-59 CAD.

Have you tried anything from the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in "Orchid"

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Orchid

I blame winter for both wrecking havoc on my lips and also for making me crave everything spring-like but I have recently become obsessed with lip glosses. Lip glosses have had a longstanding reputation for being sticky, juvenile and non-pigmented, however, the new lip glosses on the market are defying all of those myths. Recently I picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in "Orchid" and I was blown away by the quality and pigmentation!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Orchid

The Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses are available in three finishes - high shine, metallic, and shimmer - and over 30 shades! They are available at Sephora and retail for $21 CAD which I think is phenomenal value for the quality. They are actually a few dollars cheaper than the liquid lipsticks and I much prefer these! The lip gloss has a delicious vanilla cupcake scent, applies smoothy and evenly to the lips, and is non-sticky and long-lasting. Naturally you will have to touch up after eating but the color fades evenly so that you aren't left with an unsightly ring of color around your lips.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Orchid

Look at that pigmentation! It is just as pigmented as the opaque liquid lipsticks but provides a gorgeous glossy finish. "Orchid" is described as a "vivid pink purple" and it is perfect for spring. I am also planning to pick up "Kristen", "Peony", "Vintage" and "Weekend Barbie". Told you I am obsessed!

Have you ever tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss? Do you have a favourite shade? What is your favourite lip gloss?

This post contains affiliate links. If you click the link, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Janine Allison.

Is The Original MakeUp Eraser Worth The Money?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

For Christmas, Jordan surprised me with one beauty-related item that wasn't on my list: The Original MakeUp Eraser makeup remover cloth. In fact, I don't think I ever expressed any interest in this item, so I was truly shocked when I found it in my stocking. Since then I have been testing it out and trying to decide whether it is worth the price tag or not. The verdict? You'll have to keep reading!

The original MakeUp Eraser cloth is a shockingly bright pink color but it has since been released in other colors including black and white. Surprisingly, the cloth is larger than I expected and extremely soft to touch.  Prior to use, it is recommended that you wash the cloth in a washing machine.

That's all fine and dandy, but how does it actually work?

According to their website, the cloth is made of a special polyester and silk fabric blend that, when wet, creates a "hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin".  It claims to remove 100% of makeup with just water, including the removal of waterproof mascara in "just seconds".  This is a pretty bold claim to make considering that the majority of women use items such as makeup remover, micellar water, cleansing cloths, or at the very least, soap and water to remove their makeup every day.

So does it actually work though?

After rinsing the cloth in warm water, I applied it to my face in a circular rubbing motion.  I did not scrub my skin with any force and because the cloth is so soft, it felt quite nice and relaxing on the skin.  I had no problem removing my regular mascara but I did have to work a little harder to remove my waterproof mascara (it certainly took longer than seconds!).  I did, however, appreciate that it did not give me the usual raccoon-eye effect that I normally get when removing my mascara.  Afterwards, my skin felt clean without any irritation, dryness, or oiliness (I have normal-combination skin for reference).  I did not notice any increase in breakouts or any change in the overall condition of my skin since using this.

I also love that by using this, I am reducing landfill waste.  The company claims that the cloth is good for 1000 washes and because of the size, I can get 2-3 uses out of it without having to wash it.  While it is being washed, I revert back to my usual micellar water/cotton pad regimen.  I think it would be especially great for traveling on short trips or to pack in your gym bag.  It's also great to know that I am cleansing my skin without the use of any chemicals.

As for the negatives, it would be difficult to use this every day if you only owned one cloth.  You rightfully need two so that one is clean at all times, however, this is not a big deal for me personally.  And while I did have to work harder to remove my waterproof makeup, it didn't require significantly more effort than usual.

Overall, do I think this is worth the money?  While $24 may seem a bit steep to pay for a cloth, if you were to use this regularly, you would quickly get your money's worth as you would no longer have to pay for makeup remover, cotton pads, etc.  That being said, I doubt I would have ever picked this out and paid $24 for it myself.  I do recommend you give this a try though, particularly if you are interested in a gentle product that removes makeup without the use of chemicals or if you are looking to be more environmentally friendly.

Have you tried the Original MakeUp Eraser? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Weekly Wrap-Up: February 12

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Weekly Wrap-Up is a new blog link-up hosted by myself and it's fairly self-explanatory. Simply join in on Sunday to give us a recap of your week - share your favourite purchases, recipes, photos, whatever! The Weekly Wrap-Up will allow you to give closure to the previous week and prepare for a brand new start on Monday. If you'd like to join in, simply grab a copy of the button above, leave a link back to Janine Allison, and add your URL in the link-up gadget at the bottom of this post!

R e c a p

I worked Monday-Friday this week which meant that I had little time for blogging or much else.  Aside from attending a few appointments, going to zumba, and visiting with Jordan's family, I did very little other than work and sleep.  Thankfully I had a fun weekend to make up for it!  We planned a trip to the city with our tenants-turned-friends, Matt and Brittany a few weeks ago.  Usually Matt and I work opposite weekends which means that we are limited to hanging out during the weekdays but we were both off this weekend and we wanted to do something fun together.

We left after work on Friday and made the two-hour drive, just stopping at the mall briefly before heading to our hotel.  We booked The Duckworth Inn as it was only $46 a night and in the downtown area, plus Matt and Brittany had stayed there before and said it was nice and, more importantly, clean.  We were definitely impressed with the hotel!  We had upgraded to a Deluxe Queen (yes, for that price!) as we were forewarned that the rooms are small and we had plenty of space.  It's an old heritage house downtown which means that it had gorgeous wooden floors, a brick fireplace, and radiation heaters. The bathroom was small but had a huge walk-in shower and was more than sufficient for two people.  As a bonus there was also free wifi and an on-site restaurant (though we did not eat there).  You could definitely tell the age of the building as there was some peeling paint but overall, I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again.

Friday night we made a reservation at the Bernard Stanley Gastropub.  I loved the ambience there, especially the sign that said "No, we do not have wifi. Pretend this is 1997 and talk to each other!".  I started with a Black Currant Sour to drink, though I ended up preferring Jordan's Cranberry Margarita.  Jordan ordered fried calamari to start which was alright, though I would have preferred more flavour.  On the plus side, it was a huge serving and was perfectly cooked!  I ordered the roasted butternut squash soup from the limited edition Valentine's Day menu and it was delicious!  I'm not a huge fan of goat cheese but the candied bacon was to die for and again, the serving size was huge - I couldn't finish it!  For my main, I ordered the roast chicken breast with Jiggs hash, sautéed spinach, dressing and a Guinness and mushroom gravy.  The Jiggs hash is a Newfoundland specialty which is essentially fried leftover vegetables with salt beef and yes, it was delicious.  I only managed to eat about half of my meal after the starter but I wish I could finish it off now!  Jordan ordered the grilled striploin steak with béarnaise sauce and rosemary potato wedges which he really enjoyed.  I personally was not a fan of the sauce, but as a rule I generally don't like heavy sauces anyway.  His steak came out rare despite him ordering a medium but he ate most if it regardless which indicates how much he enjoyed it.  The waitress did notice the mistake and offered to replace it but he chose not to.  Overall, we enjoyed our meals and would recommend checking it out!  Apparently they do an awesome brunch there as well.

After eating, we headed to O'Reilly's and The Merchant Tavern as Matt was dropping off groomsmen gifts to his friends.  The Merchant Tavern had an amazing vibe (marble tables, wooden walls, a gigantic moose head) and we definitely want to head back there for a meal.  We just had a drink there this time before heading to Yellowbelly Brewery to meet up with Matt and Brittany's friends for drinks (side note: also recommend eating there!). At the end of the night, we headed to Christian's bar for a final drink before heading back to the hotel.

Saturday morning we checked out and headed to Rocket Bakery for a cup of tea and a treat before lunch.  I've been there before but I've always taken it to go and now it may just be my favourite coffee shop in St. John's.  I had a tea and a raspberry macaron and it was honestly the best macaron that I've ever eaten.  I also introduced Brittany to the world of macarons and needless to say, she is a major convert!  After that, we headed to Sushi Island for all-you-can-eat sushi, which was to die for.  I'm still partial to the crab rolls, dynamite rolls and salmon tempura rolls though!


After lunch, we went to Escape Quest for another escape room since we enjoyed the first one so much!  We did "1892: The Great Fire" room this time but sadly we did not escape in time.  After that we just headed to a few stores to finish up our shopping and then came back home.  Overall we had such a great weekend - I love having friends who have so much in common with us!

L o v e s 

- My good friend Jamie is battling cystic fibrosis and is currently in Toronto receiving his assessment for a double lung transplant.  As Jamie is no longer able to work right now, a friend of his set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for him.  I would love it if you could click here and donate or even just share the page on social media.  Every little bit counts and I'm sure he will appreciate it!

- One perk of having small feet is that I am able to shop in the kids section!  I picked up these lace-up flats from Old Navy this weekend.  I really wanted the black pair but they were sold out in my size (the size 5 was actually too big - I needed a 4!) so I grabbed the leopard pair but I will probably buy the black pair as well.

- The sun has been shining and while the temperatures are still cold, it is giving me hope that spring is coming! However...

D i s l i k e s

- There is a huge blizzard forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I am so over the snow and winter in general! 

- Seriously, how is tomorrow Monday already? I'm kind of dreading this week but I'm crossing my fingers for some good news later in the week.  

O n  T h e  B l o g

Here's what you may have missed on Janine Allison this week.. 

I hope you enjoyed the first Weekly Wrap-Up - feel free to link up below and join in! 

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Review

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I seriously have the world's flattest hair.  It is thin, fine and limp which means that I really struggle to get volume and body in my hair. Needless to say, I was super excited to receive the John Freida Luxurious Volume Core Restore collection from Glamsense. I feel as though I've tried most volumizing products from the drugstore with little luck but I had a good experience with John Freida products in the past (sadly, it doesn't look like they make the Dream Curls line anymore).

The clear, gel-like conditioner - so strange! 
First of all, I love the packaging of this shampoo and conditioner!  The turquoise blue bottles look super pretty in your shower and the flip-top squeeze-tube makes it easy to use.  Both the shampoo and conditioner are clear with a gel-like consistency.  The shampoo smells amazing. It's definitely a strong scent that is sweet, fruity and perfumey but it isn't overbearing.  The conditioner doesn't smell quite as good but is similar to the shampoo.  I found that the scent stayed on my hair after it dried, but not to the point where it was bothersome.  I feel like the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair with the "squeaky" clean feeling while wet.  Once dry, my hair felt thicker and coarser, but also more volumized from root to end.

The collection also includes an Advanced Protein Volumizer which you apply to towel-dried hair, then use a blow dryer to activate the product.  This definitely worked to give me volume at my root but at the end of the day, my hair felt heavy and weighed down with product when I used this. Thankfully, I did not experience that feeling with the shampoo and conditioner alone.  I think it would be good to use for a night out or special event but I'm not personally a fan of everyday use.

Overall, I am really impressed with this line, especially considering that it is from the drugstore!  Prior to this, my favourite volumizing shampoo and conditioner was the Paul Mitchell Extra Body line.  However, this is equally effective at a fraction of the price!

This is not a sponsored post. These products were provided in exchange for a review through the Topbox Glamsense program. All opinions are honest and based on my personal experience.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb 5

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Weekly Wrap-Up is a new blog link-up hosted by myself and it's fairly self-explanatory. Simply join in on Sunday to give us a recap of your week - share your favourite purchases, recipes, photos, whatever! The Weekly Wrap-Up will allow you to give closure to the previous week and prepare for a brand new start on Monday. If you'd like to join in, simply grab a copy of the button above, leave a link back to Janine Allison, and add your URL in the link-up gadget at the bottom of this post!

R e c a p

My week started out with a ton of appointments on Monday - chiropractor, massage, and nails. I tried cupping therapy for the first time at massage and I loved it. While there is little-to-no scientific research to support the benefits of it, it really seemed to help with my hip and flank pain that I had been experiencing for the past couple months. I have another appointment in a couple weeks time to get it done again and I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday I spent working on my Valentine's Day Makeup blog post that was going live on Wednesday. I always feel so accomplished after finishing a post like that and it makes me wish I had more time to devote to my blog. Tuesday was also my mom's birthday so we joined my parents for supper. I got my mom a watercolor paint setthis book and this pen, all of which I'd like to keep for myself.

I worked Wednesday and Thursday and then I picked up an overtime shift on Friday. I was in so much pain when I got off work Friday that I ended up taking a muscle relaxer to help and went to bed at 8:30pm. Wild Friday night! Last night we got together with friends for food and drinks but I was the DD so that was a bit of a downer.

I woke up surprisingly early this morning considering how late we were out last night and made a cup of tea and a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins. I used this recipe but substituted unsweetened applesauce for the granulated sugar and cut the brown sugar down to 1/4 cup to make it healthier (except I doubled the chocolate chips... maybe even tripled..). Unfortunately, while they taste good, they are sticking on to the paper liners like crazy. For supper I am going to roast a chicken and make Epicure's Steamer Sage & Apple Stuffing. We are trying to eat healthier but some days I just want comfort food in the form of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.

L o v e s 

- Helene's 35 Totally Free Resources to Help Grow Your Blog is incredibly thorough and helpful! I'm not at a point where I want to invest any more money into my blog so this is a great resource.

- I just discovered Stephanie's website through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network and I am obsessed! It is the perfect combination of travel and beauty, which is what I am aiming to achieve someday.

- It has taken me so long to find a black blazer but I just purchased this one for an upcoming event and I am in love. It has gotten to the point where my jacket/coat collection is starting to rival my boot collection. I'm also swooning over pink bomber jackets and light denim coats, but I'm trying to hold off for warmer weather.

- I am planning to start practicing yoga at home as soon as I have a designated space to do it, thanks to Kalyn and Sam inspiring me on Instagram. I'm thinking of doing Adriene's 31 Days of Yoga but I'm definitely open to any recommendations!

D i s l i k e s

- It has been super cold and windy all week and I am spending way too much time day dreaming about tropical vacations that I cannot afford.

- All of the hatred and negativity on social media these days. I'm sure it was always there but it seems to have multiplied recently and I find myself cringing over so many hateful comments lately.

I hope you enjoyed the first Weekly Wrap-Up - feel free to link up below and join in! 

Valentine's Day Makeup

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Today I'm participating in a Valentine's Day link up with some fellow ladies from the Canadian Beauty Bloggers group. For my contribution, I decided to share an easy Valentine's Day makeup look.  Jordan and I rarely make big plans for Valentine's Day but I would totally wear this look out for a date night! Naturally, when you think of Valentine's Day, I bet you think of red and pink, though probably not in the form of eyeshadows.  However, not only are they super trendy right now, they aren't nearly as scary as they look in the pan!

For this look, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette which, as you probably already know, I am totally obsessed with. I plan to do a full review at some point so just trust me when I say that you need this palette in your life (also, as a side note, I am far from a professional makeup artist and do not claim to be).

To create this look, I initially used "Tempura" all over the lid and crease as a base. Next, I used "Buon Fresco" over the lid, followed by "Love Letter" in the outer V and the lower lash line. I then blended "Venetian Red" into the lid and topped it off with "Vermeer" along the bottom of the lid and the upper lash line. After that, I created a simple wing with eyeliner and topped it off with false lashes (an essential for a look like this!). Finally, I chose to pair the dramatic eye look with a neutral lip color for balance.

Products used:
Primer: Becca Backlight Priming Filter
Foundation: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Makeup in "140"
Concealer: Benefit Erase Paste in "Fair"
Powder: NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in "Translucent"
Contour: Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette
Blush: Maison Jacynthe "Juliette"
Eyeshadow: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in "Trooper" and Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in "Blacquer"
Lashes: Ardell 120 Demi Black 
Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex (top) and It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara (bottom)
Lipstick: ColourPop x Hello Kitty Lippie Stix in "Konichiwa"

Do you have a look planned for Valentine's Day this year? Leave a comment below & let me know!

Also, be sure to check out the other lovely ladies in the link up - NatalieDesireeJoannaShawna, and Renee!!
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