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Monday, August 7, 2017

Through blogging I've discovered some fantastic new-to-me brands, one of those being Maison Jacynthe. You may recall me talking about them in the past (yes, their blush is still one of my favourites!) and raving about the fact that they are a natural, cruelty-free Canadian brand. They recently reached out to me about trying some of their new launches including liquid foundation, nail polish, highlighters and perfume. Given how much I loved their blush, I decided to try the pressed powder, highlighter and perfume.

Maison Jacynthe

The pressed powder has the same smooth, fine texture and pleasant scent as the blush. I chose the shade "01 - Beige" and while it would be too dark for those of you who are very fair, it works on my fair-but-slightly-tanned summer skin. I haven't used this alone but I've worn it over my liquid foundation and it creates a blurred, smooth texture while feeling extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Likewise, the pressed highlighter has the same texture and scent that I have come to love with their products. I picked the shade "02 - Lune Rose" which is described as "shimmery with a golden pink finish". You guys know I die for anything rose gold so this was an obvious choice! It definitely doesn't have a lot of pink in it but is a solid champagne gold color with a gorgeous shimmery finish. It doesn't have any big chunks of glitter and is perfect for an every day pop!

Maison Jacynthe Powder Illuminateur

I really wanted to try their perfume "AiMe" which has notes of sweet orange, star anise, and toasted almond but unfortunately they only make the large size of that perfume and it sells out almost immediately. Instead, they sent me their Vingt-Deux Roll On perfume, which is described as an "oriental and floral" scent with bergmaont, cardamon, pink bay and rum as the top notes. The perfume is a very generous sample size but unfortunately I'm not overly fond of the scent. It is a very soft scent that reminds me of baby powder, though Jordan thinks it smells "spicy" (how we get two totally different scents, I'm not sure). It isn't a bad scent but it's not to my personal preference as I tend to prefer fruity perfumes.

Overall, I still highly recommend checking out Maison Jacynthe if you haven't already. They have so many great products and virtues, plus you get to support a Canadian beauty brand - win, win!


  1. I recently found out about this Canadian brand. I'll definitely check them out.

  2. I've tried their stuff out too - I liked it, actually! And I love their packaging too.


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