The Friday Five | August 25, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

1. I'm rolling in with a late post today because of work. However, I really wanted to get it done because you need to run over to Old Navy and pick up this adorable t-shirt while it's still available for $9.50! As in, less than ten dollars. I've had Starbucks orders more expensive than this t-shirt. I've been loving graphic tees lately and I mean, this basically summarizes me in four lines, plus it's super soft and perfect for lounging in on the weekends.

2. In other news, Taylor Swift officially released her latest single today! I mean, with all the hype that she garnered this week, this is old news by now but it deserves a mention regardless. I've been a fan of Taylor Swift since the beginning (as in, when I used her "Tim McGraw" lyrics in my MSN messenger status!) and although I am sick of her always playing the victim, I kind of like the new single. I mean, as a rule I am generally underwhelmed and let down by her first single off every album and this one has a weak chorus but I love the beat and the dark vibe. I have high hopes for this album!

3. My birthday week is next week! Sadly that means less as I get older (plus I have to work on my birthday which should never be allowed) but on the bright side, there will be cake and presents so it isn't all bad. It blows my mind that I will be 28 when I feel like it was only yesterday that I turned 8 years old.

4. As much as I love fall, I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. However, one of the best parts of fall is the return of all your favourite TV shows and after watching the trailer for season 2 of This Is Us, I'm slightly more excited for fall to arrive. Also looking forward to the return of Scandal, Riverdale and The Voice!

5. I may try on my first wedding dress tomorrow, eek! I'm still debating because I'm half afraid that it will be "the one" and I won't even have my mom there for it but the store that carries my dream dress has a sample sale that ends tomorrow and I feel like I just need to try it on. If it isn't the dress for me then I will wait until later before I really dig deep into the shopping but I'm afraid the store will stop carrying this dress before I get to try it on. At the same time, it still feels way too early in my mind to be shopping for a wedding dress. Ah, decisions!

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  1. I hope you have a great birthday this week. I'm excited for This is Us to start back. I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift. There's something about her that really annoys me. I tried to listen to her new single and thought it was awful.


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